Challenge: Reduce global extreme poverty through a communications idea.

Insight: Just clicking 'share' when we read a news article that concerns us is not enough. We need to take action.

Idea: A social sharing button that helps people Act on global issues that matter to them. Turning online ‘slacktivism' into action, creating genuine perception change amongst global communities.


Simple ways to Act: When someone clicks an Act button at the bottom of a news article, they'll be given the simple tools they need to affect real change around the particular issue they've identified. These tools include issue-specific organisations to donate to, relevant places to volunteer and sharing tools.

Data driven: The issues that people deem most important globally will also be compiled into a data driven 'Act Report' which will be shared with leaders at an annual summit. This, in turn, will provide interesting exclusive news stories for the very media owners who made the report possible in the first place.

Seattle: Andrew Reeves and I workshopped The Act Button with global creative leaders at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle.

We are currently in the process of presenting our fully scoped out Act Button campaign plan to the Foundation for further support. If you work for a news publisher, NGO or media owner, we'd love to meet with you. Fill out the form below to help us make this exciting project happen:

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